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Babak Successfully Appeals Two Convictions.

In R v Brooks, 2023 BCCA 121,  Babak successfully appealed two convictions for sexual assault against two complainants. The Court of Appeal set aside the convictions. This case is significant on the issue of similar fact evidence and bad character evidence. The analysis is as follows. In this case, there were four complainants. They all


How Will Impaired Driving (DUI) Affect My Life and License?

Impaired driving, sometimes called “DUI,” is a leading cause of road accidents and fatalities. This is the key reason why the law takes impaired driving very seriously. You may be surprised to learn just how seriously. Upon conviction for impaired driving or “DUI,” a $1000 fine, 1-year driving prohibition, and criminal record are mandatory minimum


A Partial Joint Submission is Joint Nonetheless

In R v Manca, 2019 BCCA 280, the BC Court of Appeal held that a joint submission as to part of a sentence would constitute a true joint submission as to that part, despite the parties’ disagreeing as to another aspect of the sentence. In the case of Manca, the defence and Crown both proposed a sentence of 9