Babak Zargarian

Babak Zargarian is a very experienced and well-known Nanaimo criminal defence lawyer who takes on criminal cases across British Columbia. Most commonly, you’ll find him in Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Courtenay, Smithers, Terrace, and Prince Rupert. Babak has conducted cases at all the trial and appeal courts of British Columbia and at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Being one of few lawyers practicing in both trials and appeals, Babak has developed a distinct and complementary skillset that he applies to every case. To trials, he brings the exceptional legal knowledge required for appeal work. To appeals, he brings the practical experience gained in trials of how the law actually works in practice. In court, Babak is best known for his professionalism, fearless advocacy, legal knowledge, and creative solutions to difficult problems.

Babak can assist you at any stage of a criminal case – whether you simply have questions, are under investigation, have been charged, want to know your options, want to make a deal, want to have a trial, or want to appeal a sentence or conviction, and everything in between. Every stage of a criminal case is critical, as the decisions of the accused in a prior stage can have profound consequences in subsequent stages. The sooner in your case you retain a criminal defence lawyer, the better.

As a lawyer, Babak has had countless successes and satisfied clients. In many cases, he has defeated the prosecution or otherwise avoided criminal records, including for charges for assault, domestic assault, sexual assault, firearms, and drug trafficking. In other cases, he has avoided jail for clients facing jail sentences after conviction or guilty plea on serious offences. In every case, he gives his clients a realistic assessment of their options and prospects of success. For advice on your case, call him at 604-608-6193 or email him through the contact form on this website. 

Babak grew up in Nanaimo and studied philosophy and politics at Vancouver Island University, where he wrote award-winning and published academic papers on constitutional law and politics. Afterwards, he studied law at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, where he opened his first office, before moving back home to establish his second office in Nanaimo. 

Criminal Defence

In his criminal law practice, Babak consistently obtains favourable results for his clients. Representative cases include:

  • defeating drug trafficking prosecutions of clients found in possession of drugs;
  • compelling the withdrawal of charges of sexual assault and assaulting a police officer;
  • avoiding criminal records for clients charged with offences ranging from impaired driving to sexual assault to unlawful possession of a firearm to trafficking in drugs;
  • appeals against sentence and conviction, and bail pending those appeals;
  • and advising clients in the cannabis industry in obtaining cannabis production licenses and ensuring their continued compliance with the multiple layers of regulation.